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Listy of tools and resources for Keystone Clients and Public

Trusted and recommended links to follow. 

Find a comprehensive list of tools and link to useful sites to accomplish more with what your technology hardware and software. 



Marketers want your personal data and are willing to pay or work to get it. The result can be a bombardment of unsolicited mail, telemarketing calls, and pop-up ads. So any time you fill out your information on a subscription, read the privacy policy and ensure they have a no share with third parties  "information policy."

You can cut down on those offers by signing up with the Do Not Call Registry and other services, some set up by industry groups. In addition, the World Privacy Forum is a comprehensive resource of websites and organizations that help consumers reduce the amount of marketing material coming their way.

But you can also accomplish much more quickly with the whittled-down data-collection cleanse outlined below.

Not all the online forms you'll be accessing are equally simple to navigate. This is a link list as a checklist to take some time to remove yourself from hoarding useless information you don't need and takes time to clean.



1.-  Network Advertising Initiative –

2.- Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) –

3.- Digital Advertising Alliance Canada –

4.- Digital Advertising Alliance EU –

5.- DAA AppChoices page –

Opt-out list

6.- National Do Not Call Registry


8.- Acxiom Opt Out Form

Also, keep in mind reading the next article. How to safely unsubscribe from mailing lists.

Email your local government regarding making junk information illegal.


Search advertising on DuckDuckGo is clearly labeled and takes the form of sponsored links that appear adjacent to search results. Viewing ads is privacy protected by DuckDuckGo, and search Microsoft's ad network manages ad clicks. However, even in that case, "Microsoft Advertising does not associate your ad-click behavior with a user profile. It also does not store or share that information for accounting purposes."

Dock Duck browser and tools are an Okay privacy alternative to keep your information private as they only monetize with nonprofits and other no aggressive advertisers.


Use our contact us page to suggest a tool or resource you have found useful. 

Listy of tools and resources for Keystone Clients and Public

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